Megan (pantsu_kudasai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

About a big Bonsly...

So, as a newbie I'm still learning about the different merchandise. Imagine my shock and awe when I saw kylie_fanatic's sales post a little while back with a GIANT BONSLY, one of my top favourite 'mons. ;u; I learned it was a DX (Super DX? Or just DX?) Pokedoll, and I wanted it so bad. It's an understandably expensive plush, and August is getting closer, so I was thinking of dropping some less-than-subtle hints about wanting this Big Bonsly for my birthday. XD

Thing is, I need to know a price range so I can properly pitch this to family. e_e kylie_fanatic was asking $80 -- is that the usual sort of price? I'm hoping for one as mint and untouched as possible. If it had no hang tag but was still mint otherwise would it drop the price by much? The ideal price, I think, would be $100 shipped, but a bit over (or under pfff) would be doable.

And finally, are there any of you who have this Bonsly in mint condition and would consider parting with it at the start of August? I'd love you foreverrr ♥♥ This plush is my biggest grail *w*
Tags: bonsly, pokedolls, wanted
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