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Auctions! Arcanine, Puffs and keyrings!

First off... We won two of the Gothy Kids GA lots (one with Raichu, one with Glaceon), spreadsheet is here.
Payments to: - I will start sending reminders tomorrow. I have paid for the auctions we won and they're on the way to me.

Next.. I am offering an Arcanine plush custom for bidding. Click on the photo! He is starting at only $30

THEN.. I am also Auctioning two pre-made puffs (Dittogoose and Umbreon)..
AND three custom slots - two for one puff, and the third for your entire team! Click either photo! Puffs start at $5 each.

And finally, if plush are for sissies and you prefer the more metal side of things, this nifty little keychain GA has just started, with each keychain only $1 starting. Click the photo to get started!
Tags: arcanine, custom, group auction, plush, umbreon, zangoose
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