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Sugimori Clearfile Group Buy!

I do have a collection update coming soon, but I'm waiting for a little bit more in the mail, so that will come later.  Until then I think that there should be a fun little group buy!

Everyone loves Sugimori, everyone loves art, everyone loves clearfiles, everyone loves N, and everyone loves group buys!  This group buy will be for two THREE sets of the Sugimori clearfiles!  I will be claiming one of the Zekrom clearfiles for my friend (update: I'll be yoinking a Jirachi one too, unless someone else really wants it--speak up if you'd really like the third Jirachi file!~ :))--the rest are for you to claim!

Quick rules and info:
I was given sales permission from dakajojo on 5/22/11 :D

There will be two payments:  $7.45 $7.39 for the clearfile + shipping from Japan to me; and then shipping from me to you! :3 The price went down because of the third set!  Whoo :D

I only accept PayPal, sorry :(

Claim whatever you can guys! :D (This semi-applies to the N files because they are still super popular, which makes sense because N is such a sexay thang wonderful character)Since these are very popular, I ask that you only make one claim unless they are not being claimed as quickly as I thought (I will update this if I see that they are not being claimed quickly)

Clearfile claims:

N's Reshiram 1: mizuhokusanagi
N's Reshiram 2: fishnow
N's Reshiram 3: agkelikos
N's Zekrom 1:  forest_snivy
N's Zekrom 2: corn_dog_solo
N's Zekrom 3: darkangelilith
Shiny Charizard 1: krista0000
Shiny Charizard 2: dukeburger
Shiny Charizard 3: darkangelilith
Lati@s 1: eldareth
Lati@s 2: elisha1288
Lati@s 3:
Jirachi 1: neeko48
Jirachi 2: raikourai
Jirachi 3: forest_snivy
Rayquaza 1: nagaineko
Rayquaza 2: typhlogirl
Rayquaza 3: mizuhokusanagi
Lucario 1: shortcakemiddy
Lucario 2: elisha1288
Lucario 3: slatias
Darkrai 1: blackberrypie
Darkrai 2: ladylegsdarkrai
Darkrai 3:
Case 1:
Case 2:
Case 3:
(yes, the cases are up for claims too! :) They are the same price as the clearfiles!)
Crossed-out names have PAID :)

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask, and happy buying! :D
Tags: charizard, darkrai, dialga, jirachi, latias, latios, lucario, mew, palkia, rayquaza, reshiram, zekrom
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