pancakelulu (pancakelulu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

custom plush slot auctions!

Heeeeyyyy there!
Im in need of having something variated to work on while I finish a commission, so I'll auction TWO slots (I also need the money..)
You will be bidding for a 6" custom plush, and a 12" custom plush :D
They are entirely handmade, btw!
I will make any poke as far as I can get the right materials..Feel free to ask me before bidding :)

Bidding ends on Wednesday 22nd at midnight (Argentina's midnight GMT -3)

Like I said before, I need something else to work on besides a current commission, and money of course.
First slot is for a 6" plush, like the ones in my banner, and the second one is for a 12" one :)
First slot will start at $20 and second one $30.
Shipping for any of these will be $5 for flat rate and $10 for registered.

It will take me a few weeks to a month to make your plush, hopefully less than that :P
edit: Almost forgot! some rules..
Min $1 bids, No sniping, I will ship worldwide and can only accept paypal :P

You can see more samples of my work here:

I also put my giant magikarp up for auction on eBay, you can check him here:

I will be making as collection update soon, when I get all ym custom cacneas >w>
Happy bidding!
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