Ann (iconraven) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Miscellaneous Wants!

Hey guys! Me again, coming back with more wants! I actually have a full(er) wants list this time complete with pictures and what condition I'm looking for the items to be in! Currently, I'm looking for a lot, but am mostly looking for smaller things right now, such as figures and kids and maybe a plush.

I'm really looking for Johtodex charms, metal swing charms, can badges, dog tags, etc and the like! If you could hook me up with any of my big grails as well, I would love you forever! XD I'm also on the lookout for Bidoof/Bibarel, Miltank, Snubbull, Chansey and Drowzee/Hypno merchandise!

In the plush department, I'm really looking for a reasonably priced Arceus pokedoll. I'm looking to pay about $20-22 shipped if not less (I've seen some pretty cheap that I've missed out on D:). Can anyone hook me up? ^^ 
Thank you mizuhokusanagi! <33

Thanks everyone~

(Follow the fake cut to my wants list!)
Tags: wanted
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