segamew (segamew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Would like a list of all TCG that contains Farfetch'D

Hi everyone! The SEGAMew has return to post and ask about the Pokemon TCG. In all my years of Pokemon TCGing before Yu-Gi-Oh! screwed with the balance, I only remember one nonPokemon card which contains the elusive Leek Duck: Pokemon Trader. Besides the cards whose name is Farfetch'D, where there any Trainers, supporters, etc that contain Farfetch'D in the picture? Surely Pokemon Trader isn't the only card... right?

Looks like this week is a slow week for mail, or that the postal workers are slower than they usually are. I'm expecting 16 non-GA packages still >___>;;;; Oh gosh the credit card bills. Even so, I must have more Farfetch'D (and anything non TCG with Bill in/on it)

But anyway, to bookend this posting, I give you a funny image I saw in an auction:

Pikachu made a Babychu!

Sorry I thought it was pretty cute and amusing with te placement of the two plushies XD
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