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Sales/Offers reminder & meme

Hello all!

Just posting up a reminder about my sales and offers post. I have up for offers: Arena Adventure playset, Medicham Line Zukan, Manectric Line Zukan, Banpresto Probopass UFO, Banpresto Glameow UFO and Banpresto Cyndaquil. Offers end Saturday 18th 5pm EST. There are also a lot of merch up for direct sale! Please check it out :D

Click the banner or here to get to the sales post!

And here's a meme to make this post less boring :)

I have been going through my collection, and took a picture of the first Pokemon merchandise I ever got :D

It was when Pokemon first became popular, and I hadn't a clue what it was about. I was out with my friends and they bought a pack of sliders. My interest was piqued by the pack with a small pink round cutie that I found out soon after was a Jigglypuff. So I bought that pack and ended up falling in love with all things Jigglypuff :D my favourite item of merch from the franchise is my Jigglypuff slider ♥

So, the meme is what was the first Pokemon merch you ever got your hands on? Do you still own it? Is it your favourite merch? :)
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