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Introductory post!

Hello everyone! I recently joined livejournal after having lurked on your community for a little while and I have to say I was amazed at how friendly the community seems and how everyone is willing to help each other build their collections. It's nice to find a place where not everyone is only interested in buying, there's a real sense of friendship.

I decided to take pictures of my tiny collection to show you guys, and I hope in time to become an active and contributing member of the community. :)

So first things first, I wanted to take pictures of my cards and binders! 

So as you can see I own a Pokemon Black and White album, and a mini album from the collectors box.

These are my Level X cards, Glaceon is the only one I've pulled from a packet, the rest are all promos.

These are my Holos that I'm pretty proud of, especially the full art Reshiram card and the reprint Moltres. Lovely cards!

Here are more of my lovely Holos. At the top you can see three Darkrai cards, all of which have been pulled from packs by my boyfriend! I guess Darkrai cards have a thing for him!

More awesome holos! Holo Glaceon and Leafeon are two of my favourites on this page. Can you guess why ? 

One of my Eeveelution pages. I'm particularly proud of my Espeon, the Reverse Vaporeon and the Reverse Flareon.

My other Eeveelution page. I have a reverse Eevee right in the middle!

Now onto my other items!

My figurines minus my TOMY Vaporeon and Jolteon, who appear to have gone missing! I'll need to fish them out next time I'm taking pictures. As you can see, the Eevee and Skitty are clearly bootlegs, bought for me by my boyfriend before he got into Pokemon. The Ho-oh was for the HGSS Preorder bonus and the other three are from BW tins/collector's boxes.

My tins! I really wanted the Garchomp one for ages since I love Garchomp, the other three I got purely for the cards and figurines included.

And finally, my plushies!

Here we have a Canvas Espeon, recently bought from eBay, Hasbro Skitty who I've had for years now, Banpresto Halloween Espeon who's also a recent buy, Hasbro Spinda and my 1998 Hasbro Eevee. I have Skitty and Spinda's hang tags in a box somewhere, but I think I've lost Eevees.

I also have a HALOLZ Murderkarp T-shirt I wear as a pyjama top. I think it's in the wash somewhere but hopefully you guys know of that meme and I won't need to take pictures.

Next up for my collection, I hope to get a Banpresto Halloween Umbreon, Espeon Pokedoll, Espeon KID figures, Skitty Pokeball Keychain and the Espeon & Umbreon Promo Tote Bag. I want a heck of a lot more than that though! 

Well I think that's all for an introduction post, expect to see me bidding on auctions or buying things when my next payday rolls around haha. Thanks for reading everyone! 
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