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Crochet Plush Commissions- Now OPEN!

Hello, comm! Well, no collection updates today... Instead, I'm excited to once again officially open new slots for my Pokemon crochet doll commissions! <3

Please click on the banner to get to my commission thread; I'll only accept commission requests from that thread. <3 Be sure to read the rules and guidelines! (You can also see more examples of my work on deviantart.)

I'm only opening three slots at this time, and its first come, first served! I may open a waitlist if there are more requests. <3

Prices range from $45-60 and vary based on the complexity of the Pokemon (ex, Voltorb will be much cheaper than Reshiram, lol). $15 is needed upfront to reserve the slot and pay for materials; shipping charges are then determined at the end. Please don't hesitate to ask me for a quote for a certain plush! ^^

I plan on rearranging my collections in the near future, so I'll hopefully have a more interesting post for you guys later on. <3 For now, this is all I got. xD So, see you guys later!

(Again, please click the banner and post commission requests in THAT thread, thank you!!)
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