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Part one: I would like to introduce my traveling partner. He goes on most of my adventures to various places and today we went to my old high school(just graduated YES) and then we went shopping and to Wendy's. But that story is for another time~

Ignore the finger in the background
This is Heatranny (despite the bows, it is a boy)
HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL I have had to repair this poor thing so many times, all the 'metal' spots on his back kept falling off, and the teeth were all misaligned, he is missing one tooth too D:

Part Two: While on our shopping trip today, i went into one of the many stores in our town, and I found some cards that may be of interest to some people, they are up for sale/trade.
  • I ship from Michigan in the US
  • I am open to haggling(make offers), and trades(don't feel bad if I refuse)
  • Payment is by paypal only,
  • Granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
(Gyrados is a little damaged)

(I have two jolteons)

then i have the samurott card/sticker, idk what it is there is the package and some adorable tepig gum
I don't recommend eating the gum, because I've been handling it to take pictures and stuff, but it is just too cute for me to chew and I'm not a tepig collector, so some one here might enjoy the cute art.

These are all up for offers, so please don't be shy to make one, I will accept trades for other cards.

Part Three: I am looking for trading cards. I don't actually play, but I love the art. Right now, I'd rather trade so look at my sales in my journal or here
Currently I am looking for cards in the Paras, Oddish, Bellsprout, Wooper, Slugma, Phanpy, Magnemite lines and Heatran. I do have some cards, but not a whole bunch.

Part Four: I am also an artist (I keep telling myself that xD), and I wanted to gauge interest on my paintings.
Here is my gallery Some are better than others, but some of my favorites are pictured below, Let me know what you think, I'd like to do some commissions, but Who knows~ thanks

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