Mariana (itsmemaa) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Canada Post issues

So, they decided that they are getting in a full strike, even though yesterday I was assured that the mail would be regular during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

They also don't inform us when the strike ends.

For you that are participating on any GA/GB that I did (blocks, lottery prize and dex figures), this is how it's going to work:

For the Dex GB, the package was already sent. If it doesn't arrive before I leave, my friend will send the package for me, in Brazil.

For the participants of both GAs, I ask you what you'd rather me to do: try to wait and hope that it arrives on time, or contact Noppin to change the address? None of the packages arrived yet on their office. Pleeeeeeeeeease let me know what you think, I will make a final decision based on that, and I need to make it quickly (before the stuff arrives in their office).

For you people that sent me stuff on the past two weeks, I will ask my friend to send the parcels to Brazil, and contact you if he gets it.
If it gets lost, I will contact you to try to recover the package.
If you didn't send my stuff yet (on my spreadsheet, lampent  andtyltalis  didn't ship them yet. If you did, please let me know, and if anyone out there didn't send my packages yet, please don't ship it and contact me)

For the people that I send packages on the past few days, don't worry, they are all out of the country, so the strike will not affect you.
I'm going to the post office tomorrow and try to get more information about it. Until yesterday everything was okay.
I'm really really sorry for everybody that is going to be affected by this, but I can't do anything if Canada Post is, excuse me the word, a dick.
And good luck for us all.

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