Patricio Lugano (ahiro) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Patricio Lugano

Collection Update! TFG & TCG

A TFG Tower has appeared! Interested? Just follow the cut...

Hello! Well, again I've been away of the keyboard, so I decided to come back with a collection update post.

First of all, the TFG's!

The shelf (which photo is outside the cut) is a TFG collection made by blackdog333 and me (the ones with the black base are mine, and the ones with white base are  blackdog333's). We've bought two Next Quest starter sets (Feraligatr and Charizard) and a booster (which it was a birthday present to blackdog333). The rest we bought it in an event.


Yay, trainers! Here we have Brendan (pointing at the camera) and Red. Oh, yes, and a giant Pikachu that it looks like its going to hug Brendan, lol.

Thrid Floor (because the trainers are in the balcony)!

Random pokémon: Suicune (bought in an event... actually it was one of the first TFG that we bought), Treecko (came in the Charizard starter set), Entei (bought in another event), Mew (bought in the same event as Entei), Manaphy (the same as Mew and Entei) and Pikachu (came in the Feraligatr starter set).

Second floor!

We bought Gyarados and Tyranitar in an event, and Rayquaza was bought at the same time as Suicune. Feraligatr and Charizard are from the starter set, and Salamence came in the booster pack, I believe.

And at last (but not at least), the first floor!

Murkrow (I love using this one at the matches xD) came in the Feraligatr starter kit and Meowth came in the Charizard starter set. Piplup and Spearow came in the booster pack (Spearow was the secret figure). Nuzleaf and Haunter were bought in the same event as Mew, Entei, Manaphy, Tyranitar and Gyarados.

I'm very proud of this collection since we have a lot of nice figures (: I'm still looking for the Mewtwo and Darkrai figures (I don't care that are rares, I'm going to get them!).

Now, the collection update of TCG!


So I've managed to get 3 of 4! The one in the right I bought it from pogaf  (thanks a lot!), one of the other two I got it in the same event we bought the TFG and the other I bought it last sunday (plus a Klinklang and a Zoroark).

I also went to the Black & White prerelease (sorry for not tooking photos xD). The coolest cards I pulled were Klinklang RH, Zoroark Holo Foil, Maractus, Sawsbuck, 3 Pluspowers, Professor Juniper, Pokémon Communication and a Revive.

Well, that's all for now! See you soon!
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