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Hey All! I have some good news! I got a package from Japan today containing the Jumbo (bandai) Cards that I had up for sale awhile back =D

So here is the list of people who reserved the cards and the amount that you owe ^_^ (these are the totals with shipping)
naykomii: Gary Card (Total - $4.50)
pikachuashnat: Koga/Golbat Card (Total - $4.50)
chatsy: ASHley Card (Total - $4.50)
ellonwye: Kangaskhan Card (Total - $4.00)
shindow_kitsu: Vulpix card (Total - $4.50)

Just comment here and I'll give you the paypal information! =D

I still have 3 cards left over. There are pictures of them, as well as all the other cards, under the cut below ^_^
(Some Pokemon that are included in the left over cards are: Charmander, Pikachu/Muk and Hitmonchan/lee.

chatsy: ASHley Card
shindow_kitsu: Vulpix card
naykomii: Gary Card
(They Ponyta is one I am keeping)

ellonwye: Kangaskhan Card
Hitmonchan/lee: $2.00
Pikachu/Muk: $2.00
(the Dragonair is the other I am keeping)

Hypno/Drowzee & Mewtwo is for the Psychic Nut: kanackering
pikachuashnat: Koga/Golbat Card
Charmander/pikachu/mankey: $2.00

I also randomly got a duplicate as well, so I took off the cards on the back to see what they looked like, so here is just an example of what the mini-cards on the back look like should you choose to peel them off, each jumbo has mini cards unique to what's on the front of the jumbo.

The cards on the bottom left randomly came with the jumbos o.o theyre not for sale though I've just never seen them before o.o I think theyve got tiny stickers on the back too.

I also have one Zukan left for sale,

(Picture courtesy of ZukanRanger)

$5.00 ^_^

Shipping within the UK: $2.00
Shipping anywhere else: $2.50
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