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Happy Magnemite Shop -- Closing Sale

Hey guys! I have not been very active on here lately :( I just graduated college and, having moved back home, realize that I can't keep carrying my entire Pokemon collection around anymore. That means dropping the side collections. I am keeping all of the magnets! And also my Ludicolos, I love them too much to get rid of them. I am also planning on getting as much Dwebble stuff as I can (I already missed two group buys for his MPC plush! Aaah.) But I justify getting new things by adding Dwebble to my slowly growing hermit crab collection. (Hermit crabs are my favorite things.)

So without further ado, here is what is likely to be my last sales post!

FOR SALE: Regigigas, Electabuzz line (including Electabuzz bell plush), Reuniclus, Mankey line merchandise

I only accept Paypal!
I will ship to anywhere.
The price shown does NOT include shipping and handling fees. For a faster transaction, please include your zip code or country in your post.
I will hold items for up to 24 hours.
I am open to haggling! I also accept trades, especially for art/customs (and especially if you're willing to work with my characters.) And if you happen to have anything hermit crab related...!
Please ask questions if you have any!

American 2010 Release Pokedoll (MWT) - $25
TOMY plush (MWT) - $8
Friends plush (no tags) - $5

TOMY Keychain - $2
TOMY - $1

Electabuzz Paper Cut-out - $1 or free with purchase
Electivire Soap Figure - $2
Electivire Candy Figure - $2

Electivire line zukan - $15 ON HOLD
Electabuzz line zukan - $10 ON HOLD

JAKKs Electivire - $2 ON HOLD
Clear Electivire kid - $2
Electabuzz BK Keychain - $1

Electabuzz bell plush - $35 OBO

Electabuzz battle pencil - $1
Elekid sticker - Free with purchase
Electabuzz custom laminate by acidmimi - Make an offer
Raikou/Elekid line Pokemon Center postcard (Has tape marking on the back. You probably shouldn't mail it but it displays wonderfully) - $5
Electivire gold coin - $1
Electivire pan sticker - $1

Custom Reuniclus jewelry (Necklace, bracelet, earrings) - $25 OBO

Reuniclus patch - $5
Reuniclus magnet - $3
Reuniclus line TCG - $5 for all

Reuniclus kid with box - $4
Reuniclus sculpture by foureyedalien - Make an offer

Bell plush by flag - Make an offer

Custom Reuniclus pokedoll tag by trainer_irene - Make an offer
Reuniclus playing card - $2

I forget what these are called. Aaah. - $1
Cell-phone strap - $1
Keychain - $1
BK Card holder (in back) - $1
Can badge and sticker - $3
Retsuden stamp, left - $3
Retsuden stamp, right - $3
Pen cap - $1 or free with purchase

Kid - $2
Candy figure - $2
Jakks figure - $3
Zukan (missing finger :( ) - $3

(all MWT)
Jakks plush - $10
UFO - $25
American Pokedoll - $25

Rulebook - free with purchase
Battle pencil - $1
Tissue packet (haha) - $1
"Ball" plush by ambertdd - Make an offer
Stickers - $1 each

Jumbo TCG - $5

Zukan - $10
TOMY Keychain - $1
BK Keychain plush - $10

I am going to bed now! I will respond to new comments tomorrow.
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