Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Radioactive Minun Kids GA!

I spy with my little eye... WE WON! Discounts and totals as soon as Noppin emails me.

I am only claiming two figures - Arcanine and Dialga. Tempted as I am by the tasty goodness of Mightyena and Altaria..
I know there are collectors here more desperate than me!

- Auction will end on Wednesday 22nd June 2011 - at 14:00PM British Summer Time.

- NO SNIPING. ALL community rules apply to my auctions.
- Payment is expected within 24 hours after I notify you of your total. I will contact you via comment reply AND PM (if able) to ensure you got my notice.
- I am NOT responsible for any loss or damage after packages leave my hands. If you'll be concerned with your package's well being, please purchase tracking/insurance.
- NO BACKING OUT OF PAYMENTS & NO BID RETRACTING ALLOWED. Either will result in negative feedback & you will be banned from all of my future sales/GA's/GB's.

- There will be 3 payments:

PAYMENT #1 will be for the item, Middleman fees & shipping to Middleman service.
PAYMENT #2 will be for EMS shipping to me.
PAYMENT #3 will be for shipping from me to you - Postage from me to you will be about $3 for up to 10 kids.

- PAYPAL only. e-cheques accepted for payment 3 only.
- All bids need to be made in $1.00 increments (or more).

I claim Arcanine and Dialga for $15.
My_chapstick will be helping with spreadsheets and reminders, and is claiming Combusken and Swampert for $10.
There's a bit of mystery over two of the figures, they are probably Manectric and Mudkip. They are up for bid on the last page of comments.

Also, anyone waiting on news about the Gothy Kids GA, there's been an unfortunate hiccup - The seller has sent me a package full of GoGo Crazybones instead of the kids.

Other ongoing auction links:

Custom Arcanine Plush Auction!
Custom Pokepuff Slots!
Tags: altaria, deoxys, figures, group auction, mightyena
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