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Eeveelution Pokedoll GA Payment 2! + Custom Progress List

Hey guys! Sorry this is late. This was supposed to be up yesterday, but my internet keeps cutting off for some reason. If this post doesn't post, I will attack something message you each individually, I guess, since I do need this payment. xD But yes. In case you're waiting on payment or something, I'm so sorry for being slow. My internet is like LOL SUCKS TO BE YOU and keeps cutting off. I'm surprised I've been able to post this. xD

Anywho, this GA! Shipping invoice from Noppin has finally arrived!

I divided shipping by how many Pokedolls you won, which is why some of the numbers are different. ;3 The spreadsheet can be found here:

And again, all payments should be made to rlin4992(@)! Please include your username and your zipcode/country in the notes so I can calculate shipping from me to you there! ;D And if you want me to send your Pokedoll in something other than a bubble mailer (with cardboard around the tag, and in a plastic bag to protect from water/moisture), please let me know ASAP! For those of you who won two Pokedolls (actually, there's only one of you), and since you're international, do you want it in a little box instead?

Also, for the Epic Plush GA I hosted, the payments can be found in this post right here: 
Payments will be made to my cohost, NOT to me! So don't send it to me, or else I'll spend your money. >D Just kidding. I'll just cancel the transaction, haha. 

And one last note... SERIOUSLY. Somebody has to want a Patrat/Watchog Zukan. xDDDD If you know ANYBODY looking for one, let me know, haha. Tell them to message me or something. 

Collection update soon to come! ;D

Edit: I thought I'd include my progress list, in case you guys are wondering how the charms are coming along. Again, I super apologize for the delay. My life has just kind of been absolute chaos lately. @__@ Slowly getting back on track!

-mizuhokusanagi (Juniper and Fennel, style 1) - 100% - Paid
-gabrielvalient (Shiny Charizard and Arcanine, style 2) - 50% PAID
mizuhokusanagi (Juniper and Fennel, style 1) - 90% PAID
-[info]layfonumbreon (Red, style 1) - 10% PAID
-lovelychu (Trainer OC and Whimsicott, style 1) - 0%

Tags: group auction, patrat, watchog, zukan
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