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it was a sad event today, as i threw out around 300 figures and various toys from sunyshore that didnt sell for over a year or were retarded (like machop/geodude/shit nobody wants).

*small moment of silence*

but on another note, it's also a happy sort of time. first of all Sunyshore will be updating early on Saturday with tons of great stuff! but even better....

Sunyshore is having its 1 year anniversary! yes, one year ago around this time is when I started Sunyshore as an actual buisness, and not just my old stuff/leftover stuff on a page. why should you celebrate sunyshore's 1st anniversary? well, do you remember how pokemon was before sunyshore? with the introduction of just this little shop to the pokemon community...

-collectors began to show off their stuff in what were called "toy posts"!

-zukan was introduced and became a widely known term and popular collectible! who still has zukan from that very first group auction ever arranged on these communities? i know i do!

-japanese goods could be more easily and cheaply accessed! sunyshore (by that i mean "i") was so overloaded from people asking me to bid on auctions for them, that SMJ use became widespread- and now almost anytime you see a "chaosjapan" bidder on a pokemon item, it is one of you guys, and nobody else!

-buying, trading and selling pokemon toys became a widespread idea that everyone could participate in! the sunyshore monopoly had ended!

-as a result of what occured because of little toy shop, we posted so many "toy posts" and "sales posts" to pokemon that a big dramatic drama occured and we moved here, to our beloved pkmncollectors!

i am proud of sunyshore, and what being the original token "girl in japan" helped bring to a lot of you guys. sunyshore has been my livelihood for this entire year, and you guys helped support me when the government of japan refused me a visa on a technicality, and i was not allowed to get a job to pay my own bills. you guys helped me through my legal battle with japan itself, a battle which was victorious!! one year later, i am finally going to get a "real" job... but sunyshore will always be here, with lots of goodies for everybody!!!!

so, why not come and see the inside of sunyshore?

can you spot anything new or that you like? everything in sunyshore is kept in well-organized boxes and bags, of which i know the contents of every single one. when my friends come over and occasionally mess around inside sunyshore, i am able to tell if they put even one figure out of place. hah!

so thank you guys...for a really fun year!!!

also, our own pikachuashnat was mentioned on pokemon blogspot as an amigurumi artist! you can go visit and see the new amigurumi coming out.

well, i have roughly another 300 things on ebay in three lots. i think i wont get a single bid on them - but they are only up there because they are things in good condition i didnt want to throw away, especially the electric stuff from my own collection. if you love stickers, posters, pogs, etc, please give the stickers and pogs lot a chance! if you want lots of good condition toys to resell on your own, or have small relatives or students with birthdays, check out the tons of toys lot!

and if you love electric pokemon.... pleeeeease take my babies ;_; i dont have room for all of these things, but they are from my own collection. give them a chance in your home!!!
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