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Auctions and Collections!

REMINDER! I have auctions going on HERE! They will be ending April 2nd!

Now that thats settled, I have some more updates!

Skitty and Delcatty cards!

Aint he cute?! *snuggles*

Lucario LVL X

Random stickers. One was missing. D: Whoever sent me this, the package looked mangled. Even the jolten kid box was crushed. I had to put the Chimchar and Lugia sticker back into place cause it was moved. The other one is missing and never found. ;-;

Clear eeveelutions, the regular jolteon kid, and a clear lucario figure!

Jirachi Pin - .25 cents

Japanese Seel - $1.00
Japanese Holo Mewtwo - $10.00(ON HOLD for becky_girl92)

BOOTLEGS! These are bootleg figures I bought on ebay on accident. I kept Riolu, Glameow, and Darkrai out of the set. But hey, booties are fun to have! Gin had confirmed they're booties! Though they dont look as bad as some I've seen. XD

Electivire - denkimouse
Shinx - denkimouse
Starly - $1.00
Staravia - ospreybarf
Piplup - $1.00
Prinplup - $1.00
Rhyperior - $1.00
Cranidos - $1.00
Dialga - ambertdd
Manaphy - $1.00
Turtwig - $1.00
Buizel - $1.00
Buneary - $1.00
Croagunk - $1.00
Chatot - ospreybarf
Pachirisu - $1.00
Drapion - $1.00
Chimchar - $1.00
Mantyke - $1.00
Palkia - ambertdd
Lickylicky - $1.00

Shipping for the US is $1.00. Outside of the US is $3.00.
Paypal is riseofdarkrai[at]
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