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Litwick Party! And Mijumaru update!! ^u^

Hello again! This time, I have a collection update! OH YES. <3 Do you know who I am even without my icon? <3

Well, today I went to the Pokemon Center in Nagoya to pick up Some new otters and LITWICK DOLLS! =D Let's start off with Litwick, shall we?

Meet brothers Kitarou and Edgar (Edgar being on the left, and Kitarou on the right)! Yea, the names don't match but WHAT EVER MAN They are my Candle buddies. <3

Tag Artwork, for those who haven't seen (Please excuse crappy photo with glare). GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I'm making shrinkies out of this as soon as I can. <333

SOMEWHAT current candle collection, though it's missing a few items from home, namely the double strap and several stickers. But so far, I think I have nearly every official item, save the light up keychain, Pan Sticker, and Card Sleeves! (Do let me know if I'm mistaken, though. My mind is always on otters. <3)

Also I accidentally a.....lamp. <3 *Litwick: GET BACK OVER HERE WTFH ARE YOU DOING?

WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. MAYBE. These past few days have been absolutely amazing in terms of otter line collecting. <3

This is not NEAR as many otters as I have back at home, of course. BUT, this is what I've been able to get in Japan...up until today, that is! But first, some interesting things here. <3

Bath disks, both of them. These come from blind boxes that come with Bubble Bath liquid, there are two disks per pack, and about 20-ish pokemon in the set with two Mijumarus. I totally thought I was gonna be screwed forever on this one, but as luck would have it, on the last box I tried, I pulled the last Mijumaru I needed. <3333 SUCCESS!!!!


NOW, for today's Pokemon Center Gets!! ^u^

First we have this awesome Mijumaru Origami paper, and Mijumaru Bentou sticks!! WAAAHHHHH Adorable otters, in my bentou? YES PLEASE. <3

A new Mijumaru cloth, which for some reason came in this nifty box. O.o; The background is so cute, though, it has sailboats on it! <3

You probably can't see this well, and I'm terribly sorry, but flash or no flash this one wouldn't take very well. Anyway, this is a popsicle set! OMG MIJUMARU POPSICLES YU YUM! <3

More gets! ^u^ Here you can see a few keychains, the Pokemon With You Can Badge (which I got 2 of <3), the popsicle kit and these awesome tracing kit thingies. Futachi! <333

I WON THIS GUY MYSELF. OH YES. I love this keychain so much, it's so detailed and nice!! <333333 Miju in the Background is like WHAT'S UP?!?!?!?!?!?!?! <3

My terrible close-up of the Can Badge. <3 (BUY THESE THINGS THEY HELP JAPAN. <3)

And now, the new Pokemon Center Original Goods Collection...thingies. SO. PRETTY!! I'm not going into specifics on each one, but they released a pretty good bit of stuff this time. Including a tin! But below are the two of the patterns, as seen on Sunyshore (There is also a thirs, however No miju=no buy):

And last, but not least, a video for your enjoyment! I filmed my Mijumaru McDonald's toy swimming in my bathtub. <333 ....I realize now that there is SO MUCH TEXT, so I'm sorry if it bores you guys!

Thanks for reading! Hope you're all having a good one!!

Also WHO IS EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW DOLLS?!?! I really love Mienfoo and Emolga!!! REALLY resisting the urge to get mienfoo...;O;!
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