Risha Moon (risha_moon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Risha Moon

American (?) Chou Get toy interest?

Hi, everyone!

On vacation visiting my cousin. On the 6 hour drive last night, we stopped at a rest stop where I saw these....

I was considering buying a few, then I dropped my phone...shattering the screen. So, we left. I am considering stopping by there on the way home tomorrow. Would anyone be interested in any of these? I don't know what they are...tiny figures? Which pokemon would you like (I obviously can't guarantee this)? And how much are they worth?

I do have sales permission, but I am updating from my phone (the one with the broken screen) so it us difficult to get that info at the moment. I also apologize for typos.

~ Risha

I keep editing the title of this as I receive more information about these via comments, btw. ^^;

Pickup info:

Okay! After a stressful trip to get these during which I almost wasted all the money I spent in these due to a broken machine and having to make three stops instead if one, I managed to get 9 of the figures. I was supposed to get 11, but things didn't work out that way.

So...the list:

Fan rotem
Arceus (x2)
Silver arceus
Silver regirock
Staraptor (I plan on keeping)
Silver riolu (I plan on keeping)
Mesprit? Or whatever the pink one's name is (I plan on keeping)
And....a Thomas the train (I have no idea why or how. X.x)

I actually got three of the four I liked. I had hoped to get mote rotom since ppl seemed to like them. I will work on pricing tomorrow.

Night! Lol
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