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Grail get!

Hey guys, Spideyroxas here with an awesome Grail Update!
My super grail arrived during the week and thought i'd share with you guys! It was the Cyndaquil plush that i always thought i wouldn't find, and if i did find it, i never thought i'd win it. Also i got two mini gets for things i also really wanted XD


That's right my 1:1 Cyndaquil! <3 Argh he is just so perfect and completely worth the money! The only problem i had with getting him is that i had rather nasty UK customs charge of £40 (around $64) which was a rather vile £8 in handling fees and then a diseased £32 VAT... UK Postal service can kiss my ass.. but other than that he's peeeeerfect <3

DERP LIPS! The first Cyndaquil plush i know of that has lips... he looks hilarious!!

I also won this little guy recently
It's from the mystery Chinese set and is the keychain version... it's super dinky and soft.. I love it

Here's a size comparison with the regular one... as you can see it's super small.. i never expected it to be THAT small... but it makes it 100x Cuter XD

I also got this little guy, So adorable.. I now only need two more Jakks Eeveelution figures and that's Eevee & Jolteon.. so help finding them would be awesome! =D Flareon is by far the best of the lot!

Also i've updated my website =D so please take a look and leave a comment here!
My want's list is being made now on the site too.. it's so hard finding pictures of everything O_o

Until next time!
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