Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Attack of the V-trainers!


It was a lot of fun opening all of those boxes. The only two that weren't included in the set were the starter kids with Chikorita and Cyndaquil! (As a note, this will probably be my last sales post for awhile, unless I decide to sell more from my personal collection, which is not very likely.)

I only accept paypal; all payments are due within 24 hours, and most items ship within 1 week. International orders may take over 1 week for mailing, since I cannot do it through the automated system.

All packaages are sent WITHOUT insurance (unless you request/pay for it), usually USPS first class or international first class. I am not responsible for items once they go into the postal system.

I will not hold items for anyone, unless you pay me up front and want to hold something from one order to the next. I may refuse sales to anyone for any reason, but this mostly refers to bad experience from past sales (or someone else's), or rudeness.

My ebay auctions are here! I have a Pokemon Centre Buizel relisted!

And now...


Auctions will end on Sunday, March 30th at 11PM CST.

Houndoom - Starts at $10, BIN - $25 - SOLD! resilientspider
Tyranitar - Starts at $7, BIN - $12
Ampharos - Starts at $7, BIN - $12 - High bidder: resilientspider
Suicune - Starts at $5, BIN - $10 - SOLD!
Charizard - Starts at $5, BIN - $10 - High bidder: invader_julie
Sentret - Starts at $5, BIN - $10 - High bidder: meowthcollector



Totodile - $6
Angry Pikachu - $5
Misdrevus - $3 - SOLD
Pichu - $3
Spinarak - $2 - SOLD
Heracross - $2 - SOLD



Steelix - $4 (One sold, one still available)
Raichu - $3 (Two sold, two still available)
Noctowl - $5 (One sold, one still available)
Teddiursa - $3 (One sold, one still available)
Ledian - $2 (One sold, one still available)
Sneasel - $6
Phanpy - $3 (One sold, three still available)
Feralligator - $6 (One sold, one still available)


Gym Leader Things

I'm not sure if anyone would want these, but I'm keeping on of Clair for myself, since she's my favourite Johto gym leader. ^_^; (I've got Steven from the Ruby/Sapphire set.) They plug into the v-trainers bases, and you can fight them. I've got doubles (triples even), of some, though I'm only showing one of each here - $2 each, or free with any purchase over $10!

I also have some v-trainers bases, pokeballs and things like that, but I didn't take pictures since I didn't think anyone would want them. ^_^; If you're interested, just comment though.

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