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Quick post!

 Hey there beautiful people! Just a quick update. Anyone who was waiting on ANYTHING to be shipped from either my sales or GA items, its ALL been sent out today so expect it all very soon! <3
Sorry for the delays, they were my first two GA's where I done the shipping, so I thank you all for being mega patient with me, I really appreciate it. I also want to thank anyone I have GA'd with n3n!

I just have a couple of quick card wants at the moment! (2 to be exact...)
 Ill chuck the pictures under a cut~

Has anyone got this Shinx? I was gonna buy it from ebay tonight but it has sold -D- and it usually ships from USA for a ridiculous amount! (srsly guys, like $7 shipping...)
This is the last Shinx I need now! D;

Then theres this Flaaffy card which im pulling my hair out over at the moment, literally canot find it, ANYWHERE!
I understand this is from the Japanese Totodile half deck so its hard to come by but if anyone has it I would seriously love you forever! Im getting ever so close to completing all my mareep and flaaffy cards collection for now but this card seems to be a constant bother to find for sale :<

Im able to trade or pay via paypal if you do have them, so please help a sister out! <3
*retreats to bed to watch ms. doubtfire*

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