iba! iba! (checkyoufeet) wrote in pkmncollectors,
iba! iba!

dee dee dawn

I have a question about an item that may just be a want, dohoho.

I'm interested in the Jakks Dawn figurine, but she is like $60-90+ on every website I check. I have Ash and Brock, but I think they need their female companion. c: Does anyone know of a reasonable site to get her from or even have one to offer? I'd prefer without the box and Pokemon, just her~

I also know that there is a Dawn and Piplup (or Buneary) Banpresto DX figure, which I don't really know much about. I would bet this one is more expensive than the first figurine, but information on her would be lovely whether or not I'll get this one rather than the Jakks (I'll more than likely get the Jakks one, fyi).

Thank you!
Tags: people, wanted
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