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Pokepuff Customs Reminder!

My puff auctions end next week, I may have to extend them slightly as I will be away doing a job and unable to oversee the end.

Click here: And bid to secure yourself a puff, either totally custom or there are two premade - Zangoose and Umbreon.

Unfortunately we lost the Keyring GA, and some of the Gothy Kids GA. The lots with Raichu and Glaceon were won, purely off the backs of the people who bid on those two items. I am dealing with the seller at the moment, she has fumbled the postage. Sigh.

Also a small GA rant - If you bid $1 for something that you really really want and we lose the auction, don't send me complaint PMs.There's not some magic button runners have that makes your $1 bid stretch further.
If you would pay more for that item in a straight sale, then please consider bidding more than $1.. The worst that can happen is you get it for what you would be willing to pay. The best is that you get a discount on your offer. :) Sorry for the rant, but I feel sad having been complained at.

Other ongoing auction links:
Custom Arcanine Plush Auction!
Radioactive Minun Kids GA!
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