Leludallas (akeyma) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auciton ending, small update and meme!

First: My auction for this custom vaporeon plush is ending today at 5pm PST. Click the pic to see.

And Second:

And, because my_chapstic posed one... I really wanted to share my lil poke-pet-meme

first up! Zelda and muh Dittos

I've had Zelda for a few years now, she is super cute and photogenic :P But she also lives up to her title as a "Princess Zelda" because she is super spoiled and bratty. I finally took my ditto-chu out of the box... I couldn't help it! it's so cute!

(ditto roller stamp fell over when i was taking the pic ><; so it didn't make it in.)

I really need more ditto stuff! If you have any dittos or ditto-faced-pokes for sale (that are not flats) let me know!!

and Midna with my Quagsires

Midna is the newest member of our family, I've only had her for about a week, and she is much more skiddish and not use to be handled yet, so she would just dart when I put her down XD so you get my hand in the picture. I ALMOST named her Charmander because ... LOOK at her color! But since I already had a Zelda... and because I associate "Charmander" with being male, I went w/Princess Midna.

After I took the picture and looked at it, It almost seems creepy lol... like she was abducted but quagsire-aliens and they are gathered around her for experiments! no wonder she was freaked out.

~Same goes for my quagy collection! I am really looking for plush or other neat non-flats, but MOST OF ALL I STILL WANT the Quagsire Johto-dex charm.... <3

Thanks for looking :) I hope my poke-pets made you smile, they sure do make me happy :D
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