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Hoodie pick ups for 2 more peoples~! x3

Two more hoodies down~ six more to go!! ♥ (Techincally 5 because the piplup one is half done and everyone other one has been dyed and a small chunk into them~! XD ) Commissions are still closed, I am really sorry but I will not be taking any new ones until I get everyone of the last 6's out~ ♥ Very sorry! :_: I will answer price quotes when I start taking hoodies again but that won't be for at least for a couple of weeks.

One for neoscottie ♥♥♥

And this one is for moonloop ♥♥♥

The wings are deffiantly my favorite part! ♥___♥

These two scizors look sereal when you pull the strings tight on the foam head (like Kenny from Southpark kinda) IT"S really creepy in a cool way, like OMG there is a Pokemon in my living~ haha. This picture didnt turn out very good~ but you get the idea. xDDDD

These pictures should work now!! *_*;;

Puppy....... tiger! :D

Close-up of the embroidery~~

Back stripes. x3

Thankyou everyone again for being SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pacient for these. You have all been dolls!! :____: I have been very very busy since January. I am not legally supposed to talk about what's been preoccuping my time yet, but it's VERY VERY cool and exciting news. :DDD I shall share as soon as I find out how much I am allowed to talk about it legally. haha~~

Thankyou everyone for bearing with me!! ♥v♥

Also, eifia and neoscottie, please confirming you mailing addresses to bunnieofthemoon (at) ♥ I wont be at my apartment until Tuesday, but these will go out as soon as I get back so if you could confirm shipping addies by monday that would be peachy. =3
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