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Collection Post and New Gets!

Hi pkmncollectors 

Back in May I made a collection post on my journal which I have been updating with basically my whole Pokemon Collection. However, since I haven't advertised it or anything like that, it has no comments. With that being said, it is kind of sad knowing that I uploaded all those photos to have no views. Can y'all please check it out if you have the time, thanks!

That post has recently been updated with some new gets!

I had my cousin pick up Minccino for me on her 4th or 5th store run to Nintendo World. I think it is the only plush that I have ever detagged meaning that I will probably never resell it. I guess you could say it is more permanent than my other collection items. The Elekid Pokedoll is actually pretty cool. My brother visited New York recently and when he went to Nintendo World he called me. The stock at the store that day was kind of disappointing but at least I managed to find something that I liked. I never thought I would like the new Pokedoll tags so much until I held it in my hand.

Lots and lots of kids. I recently bought a few kids on the comm and once I started, I couldn't stop for a while. Now I can say that I have to since my room is slowly losing any space it has. The shelf that the kids are on was actually an addition to my room due to all of the new stuff I was buying and my room could actually do without it.

I really couldn't help myself with this picture. It is an Elekid line tribe!

Anybody go on the hunt for the McDonald's toys. The larger Reshiram toy is from McDonald's, the pricing is really pretty amazing for what you get when you buy a happy meal. The smaller one is a Pokemon Center figure that I deboxed.

A quick group shot of the top of my bookshelf, some things have changed while others have stayed relatively the same.

Thanks for reading!

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