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o 3o Trades?

Hey there guys! Now, I got granted sales permish awhile ago, but...XD I don't have a paypal. And probably won't for at least a little while. So instead, I thought I might put up for some trades! More information under the cut!


1) I am doing trades only at this time due to lack of a Paypal. Please do not ask to commission me at this moment~
2) Please please PLEASE. Follow the form I have at the end of this! This will make things more streamlined and easier for me to sort through!
3) Please do not change your mind twenty times, while I'm in the process of making your plush. A few tweaks here and there, and a couple requests are fine, but don't go drastically changing what you wanted.
4) I am a big advocate of constantly staying in touch with whoever I'm working with. To this extent, I am on AIM and MSN practically always, and would like to exchange SN's if that is possible/comfortable for you! This way you get instant updates on how your plush is going! And you don't have to worry about lj eating notifications or PMs xD
5) If for any reason I expect unreasonable delays, or am unable to finish my end of the trade, I will contact you, and we can discuss what to do from there.
6) Multiple accounts of bad behaviour, or negative feedback, may cause me to decline your offer.

Examples of my work! Click to enlarge~

Sales Permish granted on 4/24/11 by denkimouse! And a link to my Feedbacks!

Use this form to start a trade with me
What you have to Offer: (if customs, please provide pictures of your work! <3)
Pokemon you would like me to make: (please choose two or three, as I may find some more difficult to bring to life than others.)
Link to your Feedback!: (remember you can't trade without 10!)

No More Trade Offers at this Time Please

My Wants list is Here! This is what I mostly want to trade for! Please have a look and we'll see if we can work something out! I apologise that it's rather haphazard xD

Trade Slots!
So I don't overwhelm myself, I will only be trading with a few people at a time~
1. katcheecricket
2. chaos_21
3. Open~

I will open extra trade slots so long as the person requesting it understands that their plush may take awhile, dependent on the complexity of the first three requests.

I shall end this post with some adorableness!

Prince Naveen says "Hi!" to you all from my backyard! :3
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