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Results of the McDonalds Raid

Okay so I couldn't convince my friend to drive me to Toys n Joys today, so I walk around raiding local McDonalds. Okay I could only get to two of them since it started to rain @_@ #3 will have to wait til tomorrow.


Pikachu w/ Sandile card
Pikachu w/ Sandile card
Reshiram w/ Audino card
Reshiram w/ Blitzle card
Oshawott w/ Snivy card
Oshawott w/ Maractus card
Zoroark w/ Klink card
Zoroark w/ Pidove card

Obviously the McDonalds around Pearl Harbor have toy #1-4 right now and I suppose until next week, then they would shift to the second set in the last two weeks of promotion. LOOK AT MY CARDS I HAVE 7 OUT OF 12.
Also, every single one of these are still MIP except Reshiram x Audino combo. I sorta kinda wish I didn't open them now though because that is a cute combination @_@; Yeah I know I'm weird. This means I'm missing the following cards: Tepig, Oshawott, Alomomola, Munna, and Zorua. Does each toy have two cards designated to it? My luck seems waaay to lucky otherwise. What toy combination have you guys gotten?

Also, I'm trading MIP Pikachu toy @ Sandile card for either a Pikachu with a card I don't have MIP or... just offer? Lol. I plan to raid more during the week.

And I'm curious, how many of you guys ACTUALLY bought Happy Meals for the toys? I know I didn't 8D You can buy them without buying the food huzzah~
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