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GA Updates

GA#12 & GA#13 are in. Below are pictures and shipping costs. 

I am going away on vacation Thursday, June 23rd and will return Tuesday, June 28th.  If you send your payment today before 3pm CST it will ship out today.  If you send it today after 3pm CST it will ship out tomorrow.  If you pay after today, it may not ship until I get back.  I have A LOT to get done, but today is for getting as much shipping out as possible.





3kame – Blastoise (works) – shipping $4.30

Shadoweon – Poochyena (keychain figure) – shipping $3.09

Celuthea – Ponyta – shipping $4.00


Blackjackrocket – Deoxys (works) Machamp (doesn’t make noise, may need batteries) – shipping $6.81

Eatglitterglue – Roselia – shipping $3.09


rika_wulf – Lugia (missing thingies that shoot from the wings & is going to need some cleaning) – shipping $3.59

rairai42 – Lickitung – shipping $3.09

pantherotter – Electvire (works) – shipping $3.98


Paperoid – Shipping $6.78 (includes onix plush in GA13)


Rythen – Lucario (missing tail) – shipping $3.25

Punkspacewafers – Cranidos (does nothing when press the head, may need new batteries) – shipping $3.80 (includes spheal plush in GA13)


Nasija – Dialga (don’t know what it does, but it has batteries) – shipping $9.37

Stevenmayer – Palkia (going to need some cleaning) – shipping $4.32


Send payment to the-couch-potato [at]

Please include LJ Name & GA#12 Payment #2








Blackberrypie – Shipping $4.79 (I love this bag =D)


funny_chaos – Shipping $3.57


Paperoid – Onix Plush – see above for shipping

Heychado – Azurill Plush – Shipping $3.08


Punkspacewafers – Spheal Plush – see above for shipping

poly_rhythm – Squirtle Plush – shipping $3.64 - (talk to me about Canadian post before you pay)


yk1ty – Arbok – shipping $3.05

segamew – Pidgeotto – shipping $3.21


Send payment to the-couch-potato [at]

Please include LJ Name & GA#13 Payment #2





I am still owed shipping payments from the people below.  Please PM me.


GA#6 – chronidu, spideyroxas


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