salemnoel (salemnoel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello again / Help me find stuff!

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted or bought anything here... I've been on a collecting hiatus, but now that I have some spare cash, I'm on the lookout for some things.:) I mostly collect Arcanine, Smeargle, Hypno, and a little bit of Team Rocket, but I have a soft spot for plush and most canines.

Now, onto business! I'm after a few big-ticket items today. I know they come with some hefty price tags, but I was hoping some people here could give me some better (and more reliable) deals than I'll find on eBay.

My biggest want right now is the Banpresto Arcanine plush. I'm looking to go less than $100 (AKA eBay price) on him if possible. FOUND! <3

Other things I'm after:
-Arcanine Zukan
-Blue and Green Smeargle Zukan
-Smeargle Dex Charm
-Hypno Kid Found!
-Growlithe / Arcanine Kids
-Jesse / James Kids
-Hypno 151 pin
-Anything related to these collections.:)

Thank you!<3
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