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Pokemon makes an appearance at the 2011 Tokyo Toy Show! and a contest!

Someone posted a couple pictures of new Pokemon merch at the 2011 Tokyo Toy Show and I knew there had to be more pictures. A quick Google search led me to these! (I hope these haven't been posted yet :/ )


Another image of the Over-drive Reshiram and Victini Plamo set...I wonder if this is still a prototype or the final product? I really dislike the pearly/lustrous look of this plastic. I much prefer the matte plastic look? I'll probably be skipping out on this set... :/

I believe these are Tomy plushies? Look at the steel choker Audino has on. It's so hardcore!

More Tomy plushies I think. Cinncino, Sewaddle, Darumakka and Lillipup?

Gothita and Zorua plushies

Not sure if these are new. They look identical to the Sofubi/soft vinyl figures of Zekrom and Reshiram that were released already. The prices are the same as well. Looks like they are re-releases.

Victini plushies of all sizes! Looks like there's a talking Victini plushie hiding behind.

Large Tomy Zekrom plushie! Judging from its arm, this Zekrom plushie looks poseable! Its disfigured claws scares me though!

I think this is the best Reshiram plushie to date! It looks 1000 times better than that derpy, ugly-ass Pokemon Center plushie. The face looks a lot more accurate and the body and wings look sturdy and proportionate. I think I might get this one if I ever decide to get a plushie of Reshiram.

While on the topic of plushies, I just wanted to let everyone know that is holding a contest to celebrate its 1 year anniversary! Everyone is welcome to join. It's free to enter, open to everyone and there are lots of cool prizes to be won! Here is a sneak peek at some of the prizes:

Click here for info and rules: Contest
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