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few eeveelution items up for auction!

decided I need to weed out a few items... I'll be coming up with more in the near future as I decide what I have the heart to part with, but for now, a few eeveelution items! check under the cut for them!

First off, sales terms!

~I have the right to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason
~I only accept Paypal. Prices are in USD
~I ship worldwide from Canada*. Prices start at $6 to US for surface to give you an idea on shipping.
~Winning bids do not include shipping or fees.
~Please do not back out of a bid. Once you bid, you have committed to it!
~No sniping, obviously.
~Sales are final. Once the package leaves my house I am not responsible if the post office damages or loses it
~Bidding ends on Saturday, 3 pm UTC. Countdown here

*As we all know, Canada Post is on lockout/strike and not functioning in most areas. Because of this, I can't ship until they are back up and running. If it ends up taking too long for the postal service to be back up, I'll try to find another means to ship to you if you'd like. Otherwise I'll just hold onto your item until the post offices reopen :)

Please reply to the most recent comment to bid, and please bid in minimum increments of $1

Eeveelution Charm Set - attached version

This is a one piece set. The round charms are not removable like the more common charm set seen on the community. This item I do not have on hand, it's at the SMJ warehouse in the US but appears to be in great condition as you can see from the photos (aside from the crease on the back of the cardboard package).
You have the option of this item being shipped to you from SMJ if you want (which would be probably only $4ish) or you would have to wait until I receive it and then ship it via Canada Post which would be more expensive. Just so you know your options :)
Bids start at $35

Eeveelution Card File



Very cute and really great condition. Holds around 100 TCG, 2 per page as you can see here.
Bids start at $20

Eeveelution tissue pack

You know you want a cute pack of tissues to blow your nose on display on your shelf!
Bids start at $7

Pokemon Center Bag

Super cute large Pokemon Center bag that features Eevee on one side, and then a line-up of the Eeveelutions on the other side. Unfortunately, the bag has a big of damage. This was the way I received it from SMJ. Handle damage on one side and handle damage on the other side. Despite the bit of wear, it's a super cute and shiny bag!
Bids start at $3

So that's that! Any questions or concerns, let me have them!

Please give me a moment to make the threads! all done. thanks for looking!

this is all over. thanks for looking :]
Tags: auction, eevee, sales
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