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Plushies. I loves them.

First off - Has anyone heard from snowball21 & paperarbor lately? I traded with Snowball, but still haven't received my end, and I haven't heard from Paper in ages, although they still have my plush from a GA held last year :(

Anyway, overdue collection update is overdue. I have some epic awesome plushies that I've (semi) recently obtained which I'd like to share with you guys.

Let's start off with the giant one, shall we?

This guy was an Easter gift from my awesome mother - Who will no doubt find this post eventually. Ty ilu <3

Here he is, amongst the greenery~ But a comparison shot might be better.

A Swampert kid? Yeah, you'll do.

Here he is, with his other rainbow friends. I'm looking for the other Ho-Oh plushies too btw

Bird butts.

RAWR. Idk, I just tried to get a random shot in.

And the final side shots, with the epic comparison of an open Coca Cola can.

NEXT. Someone I really wanted so much, but never imagined I would actually get the chance to own him. Especially not for the price I got him at. It's.....

Tufty Pichu Pokedoll! asdfghjkl;
He was up on eBay at a BIN price. At first glance, I thought it was just classic Pichu, but when I checked it out, it was this lil guy!

The Pichu Bros together, in all their Pokedoll glory.

Also, just a week before Tufty, this lil guy was waiting for me at my local charity store. Amusing, when the UK didn't release this Pichu at all!

PICHU PARTY. Gizamimi should be here, if you have one for sale and all....

Oops. Terrible picture.

Let's finish this off with another poor light controlled backshot, shall we?

And last but by no means least - A plush that has only just been discovered. I call him 'Happy'.


Even slouching on Yugi. Still happy.

Still happy.....



....Shame his big bro isn't so happy.

Backshots again, to finish it off.

And that's that. Thanks for looking!
And also, a special shoutout to my mother(Ho-Oh), and denkimouse (Wartortle/Blastoise), for actually helping me obtain those items in the first place. Thank you <3333

FINALLY. I got a small Noppin box today, and one of the items in the lot was this:

Tested and works, it kept my save file but for how long I don't know. The box is a little rough around the top and sides, but aside from that, it's pretty much mint, with leaflets etc. inside.
But.... Silver was actually the first Japanese game I ever got years ago, so I'm looking to sell this copy - Any idea on price? Or I'll trade it for a similar condition NTSC-J Gold.
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