Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

More stuff to sell!

I finally got some of these cards I was asked to sell sorted out.
If you paid for your items from the last sales, they have all been shipped!

(I swear a collection update is coming, I keep having to rearrange my collection area though x.x)

Zoroark Zukan, clear Charmeleon, Mightyena Chups, some Dot Promo buttons, and big ol' lots of cards.
Also some card singles, and a set of battling coins.

-Paypal only
-Haggling is okay
-Ship from US
-Own a ferret
-Prices do not include shipping unless stated!
-I will not look through the cards to find a specific one Mostly because I physically cannot at this time.

Charmeleon: $3
Mightyena: $5
Zoroark Zukan: $5
Buttons: $3 each

$1 each?
(Whole set for $2)

(All are good/near mint)
Red Cheek Error Pikachu: $3
Typhlosion: $1
Poptart Meowth: $3

A stack of older cards... $5? Base to Neo. Fair to mint.

Bootie stickers? Not sure, but they're pretty and there's a lot of them!

Topps, movie, and a... magazine thingy.

This binder is most of the first 151 pokemon, a bit of the next 100, and some unowns, TR set cards, and promos.
$25 including shipping (shipping is about $11!)

Both tins contain over 300 cards, MOST of the cards are from Diamond/Pearl and on through HS sets!
Each tin is $5, and does not have to include the tin!

If you are some kind of awesome dude and want ALL OF MY CARDS? Well, I can make a deal with that! If you want all the cards above (NOT including the Typhlo, Pika, and Meowth), how about $45 SHIPPED?
(you could probably swim in all those cards if you wanted!)
Tags: cards, charmeleon, foongus, kids, meowth, mightyena, minccino, munna, pikachu, sales, typhlosion, zoroark, zorua, zukan
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