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First get! + tiny collection

 Hey everyone!

Well, today marks an exciting day in my Pokemon collecting career..I received my first communtiy-purchased item! :D And guess who it was?

Canvas Totodile!! I've wanted one of these guys for a long while...finally, he's mine X3 <3 I decided to call him Boris, because..well, it was the first name that popped into my head :P Big thank you to kriscarmi for selling him to me! <3

And since I've recieved my first offical buy, I figured I could post my tiny, sad little collection for you all to see XD It's REALLY not much yet, but hopefully soon enough I'll be able to add more to it :3

Here's a group shot!

We have: Canvas Totodile, custom pin from a friend, Pikachu pillow pet, Charmeleon figure, Pikachu Tomy, and Kakuna Topps card.

It's a small colection, yes XD But I've found that I'm pretty selective with my items, and they need to really mean something to me in order for me to want to keep them. So each of these items are special to me in one way or another.

Charmeleon is the first Pokemon figurine I ever got. He's one of the ones that came in a pop-open Pokeball, and he used to have a keychain, but I pulled it out XD (i'll replace it eventually lol). He's been played with SO much, I could never bear to get rid of him <3
Pikachu doesn't exactly have a special story/meaning to me, I just really like this figure. She's my college buddy, and I like to fiddle with her when I'm bored and stuff (hence how dirty she is lol). And pfft look how cute her face isss <3

Pikachu pillow pet (with Boris hitching a ride, hehe) x3 I got this guy for my birthday this year, and fff he's amazing. I doubt he's an official Pillow Pet brand item, or an official Pokemon item, but I don't care XD He's perfect for snuggling <3 And I love the floppy ears, haha. And Boris is, of course, my first community buy..plus he's amazing and adorable <3

This Kakuna card holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first ever piece of Pokemon merch I got. I recieved it when I was in the hospital, after I had gotten a shot or something (like when the dentist gives out stickers and stuff), and didn't really know what it was. But something about it intrigued me, so I kept it. And, sooner or later, I was hooked on Pokemon XD I'm still not terribly fond of Kakuna, even though he technically got me into Pokemon, but this card will never be sold/traded just because it's so special to me <3

And that's it! XD I do have a lot more Pokemon stuff (zillions of TGC cards, around 50 Tomys, plus a bunch of other figures, etc), but they aren't too memorable to me and I plan on selling them eventually..they could use good, loving homes. But now that I've experienced the excitement of recieving a Poke-package in the mail, I think I may start looking for other plushies and items to buy...>:3

Thanks for looking! C:
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