Usako! (usakochan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Usako's monthly custom auction!

Hi guys! :D I have some cheap customs for auction!!
I have a lot of people saying they would like to win an Usako auction one day however, they can't always budget it. So I wanted to give everyone a chance to own an Usako!Plush for cheaper! So I came up with the idea of these mascots!

- They are approx 3 inches big
- Made from various materials but mostly my minky scraps! (I always have a hard time throwing away even the smallest piece of minky SO I found a solution! 8D;;)
-Yuke!Yuke means Go! Go! In Japanese. I thought it was a cute name being that they have a cord attached to them so you could potentially take it on the go with you! ^_^
-All faces were carefully hand painted by me with a size 0 brush


Starting bids are all $25 each!

I am also auctioning off:
1 Mock!Pokedoll (or 7 inch human chibi spot!)
1 Custom Yuke!Yuke Mascot Slot of the winner's choice

For more info~ Please click below!
( Fake cut is fake! )

Thanks for looking! ♪
Tags: auction, custom, people
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