Xzeeko (xzeeko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another Collection Update

Hi!  I am back again for another collection update :D  I got a few new plush since my last one!  Here we go...
Please work Cut -.-

Okay, to start out we have a Pikachu with a santa hat!
Isn't he cute?
Next, we have these three random Jakks plush.  Phione, Celebi, and Shinx Explorer.

Okay, next we have a lone Pika plush.

After that we have some Noobies!

Tepig and Oshawott are new!  These are reversible plush, and I love them so much <3
Next we have random plush, and they are all Jakks.

Buneary and Pachirisu

Lickitung and Teddiursa

Cherubi and Jirachi

Glaceon and Togekiss

Banpresto Espeon Halloween

Chatot and Wobbuffet


My Pikachu and Suicune Pokedolls

Pikachu Jakks and Other Pikachu below

Below I have a new plush in the picture!  Can you find it?

It's the Tepig throw plush!  It's so cute!

Two pikachu's below

Thanks, and have a great day!
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