cuddlefist (cuddlefist) wrote in pkmncollectors,

whitewolflarka GA Payments :3!

So yes, we won :D!

Now that Xira and Cuddle have had their daily recommended supply of strawberries, mangoes and Cool Whip, they both decided to focus on getting the payments for the whitewolflarka GA ;3!

Here’s the spreadsheet:

There will be 3 payments, the intital bid, the shipping from whitewolflarka to me, and the shipping from me to you.

You may send the payment to
Please leave your livejournal username and what you won in the comments section.

Thank you guys for participating :3!!!

And a bonus picture of my fruits:

My dog wasn't as thrilled...

EDIT: Almost forgot about this. Is there any official merchandise of...

Nando? I love him so much but I never knew if they made anything of him, like a Kid or any flat items. I have a thing for guys who play instruments (and of course the harp is so manly) :B
Tags: group auction, payments
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