Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

eevee evolution tin offers!

Hello everyone. Today I have an item up for offers.

All community rules apply.
Payment is due 3 days after offers.
I reserve the right to deny all offers.
Offers will end in 3 days! (Thursday at mindnight-central time)
I ship from the USA. INQUIRE about shipping before you bid if concerned. You have to pay!
Have fun :)

Brand new from Pokemon Center. Tag is attached. This is the back.

This is the front

Tin is immaculate!

They stare into your soul! Nothing inside the tin..

Includes every Eeveelution
Tags: eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, larvitar, leafeon, pikachu, spheal, torchic, umbreon, wingull, wooper
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