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Pokemon Collection!

A-YO! I'm Mikame~ or Jessica if you met me at the Pokemon Collectors Meetup in Santa Anita :) I'm the girl with the torchic, turtwig, and happiny doll that LOVESSS TURTLE POKEMON! oh and Garbodor and Trubbish~~~~~

Ive been a pokemon fan since first gen~ and played every gen since and i LOVE IT SOOO SOOOO MUCHHH! I'll be posting my pics of my collection in a sec here..but for now i'll tell you that some of these go wayyy back from when i was a kid :) like my giant charmander.

Once my room is a little more clean i'll take better pictures of my collection ^_^ I have guests over so i cant really post a better pic but this will do for now~

My top shelf :) That talking pikachu i have the fondest memories with, as well as that charmander... Pikachu was actually a replacement of my original pikachu that my aunts dog chewed up :( i used to take it everywhere! so much that it got so dirty haha

If you look in the back you can see my pikachu cup ;D it has a hole in its head for a straw, ITS AMAZING!

The lower shelf~ These are more recent discoveries :) and I LOVE THEM ALL TO BITS!!!!!!!!!!

Well thats pretty much my collection... might post better pics later~ Thanks for looking :)
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