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Pokemon Cafe Items

I know there are ( at least ) a couple people selling Pokemon Cafe items on the comm. But I've been looking for a few things that I haven't seen offered ( like the cork-board that goes with the push-pin set and the mug ) and afaik nobody's doing pick-ups for this stuff anymore?

I haven't had much luck with looking for items on Y!J, but maybe I haven't been using the right search terms. Anyone who knows Japanese or has found Cafe Items on Y!J could maybe help me out? 3:

And, uh... If you bought any of the Pokemon Cafe items, what is your favorite? :]

idk, here's a bad quality DSi photo of my dresser collection?

Clearly I need more Pansage and Tepig. (that's def not all of them, though...)
Whenever I find my digital camera again I'll take some good pics. :s
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