Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Deoxys dollie pics

Hey there all, im in the need of some pictures that i thought some of u may help me with :)

I need pictures of the BACKS of the deoxys pokedolls, mostly the deffy and attack ones, so if u have any, please post dem pics! Or if you know where i can find them, please post links! :D

Thats all, thank u! :)

EDIT: If this isnt allowed, please tell me and ill delete it RIGHT AWAY! :D

But i remember like some months ago, LOOONG time ago some1 had kindof metallic silvercoloured charms with deoxys on it for sale. One was pure silver colour, and the other one was silver but deoxys was coloured. So i was wondering, if anyone remember what post/the person sees this, please comment :D <3
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