Mewveechu (mewveechu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone wanna trade?

Hey guys! It's been pretty hard to keep up here, there are so many pages to look through so forgive me if I've already missed something like this!

I was wondering if anyone had an oshawott/mijumaru or reshiram mcdonalds toy to trade? Doesn't have to be mint in package, I'm asking on behalf of my niece who was quite disappointed that she didn't get one of those two. :< She has a tepig with Maractus card(are they supposed to be shiny in the background image?). The thing is when I asked her to bring it for a photo and tell me what card was inside... and she opened it to check. XD; So if that's not a problem for you then please let me know! Here's a photo for ya:

Sorry for the quality but it's good enough, yes? Also, I was wondering if somebody had a shiny suicune pokedoll they're willing to let go? Thanks everyone! :D
Tags: maractus, suicune, tepig
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