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Sales and a Question! :)

~~~Sales Permissions given August 2010 by former mod Lineabaa
~~~I can hold items for 48 hours until it goes to the next interested buyer. If date is specified (i.e. "I don't get paid til the weekend", I will hold onto the item until that date.)
~~~I ship from CT, USA
~~~ I do ship internationally!
~~~ I come from a home with DOGS
~~~ I only accept Paypal. When sending payment, please include your screen name and item you're paying for. Please do not send payment as a gift!
~~~ I am not responsible for any mail lost in its transit.


I have bookmarks left from AAing at AnimeNEXT 2011. I have loads of copies still left (10 of Unova, 14 of the rest) and I want to get rid of them.

These bookmarks are printed on 80lb cardstock and laminated. You can specify if you want a ribbon attached or not. If not specified, I'll give you a random one. :)

The bookmarks are standard size 2x6 in.

If you buy two 3$ bookmarks, your total is 5$
If you buy a 3$ and a 2$ bookmark, your total is 4$
**these prices don't include shipping**

Shipping of these bookmarks are 1.00$ to anywhere in the US.

Kanto - 3$
Unova - 3$
Eevee - 3$
Pikachu - 2$

Brand New Jolteon Pokemon Center Pokedoll
Offers please! BIN is at 25$ shipped

***** I also have a Pokemon Center Flareon Pokedoll , Pokemon Center Lapras Pokedoll, Pokemon Center Snivy Pokdeoll that I will sell if I get an offer. :) ***** Ask for pictures!

Now for my question; Does anyone have a drifloon plush that they're willing to sell or trade to me? I've been looking for one for a while now with no avail. :D I'd love you forever and shower you with love if you can find me one!
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