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Way overdue collection update!

 Well, I haven't posted a collection update in FOREVER, and I've gotten a lot of new stuff, so I'd really like to share(: Plus I'll get to show my collection space as it was up until yesterday. I'm remodeling my room, and getting new shelves, so right now, my plush are in canvas bags, and my figures are in a box. 

This is the collection space as it once was. There is no longer any room for anything new, hence partially the remodeling. haha

Close up of top level

Now the bottom (please excuse my toe >.<)

And here are some of the newest gets for my collection(:

Raichu canvas plush (so glad I got this guy for only $27! :D)  and 3 other random plush that were sitting beside the shelves.

 New Vaporeon Tomy  and large plastic die featuring Celebi for my small Celebi collection (And dusty. Desk is dusty.)

And my beloved Absols!!! :D (Only new thing is the round metal keychain though. I badly want more Absol merch. >.<)

2 Oshawott plush (Tomy and Jakks reversible) and the Osaka Tepig plush (This plush is really too cute for words. He made me squee. x3)
Litwick Pokedoll!!! :D Just came yesterday. So glad I got this little guy, he's soooooo cute<3 I definitely need more candle merch. I really wana try and collect the candle line a bit more hardcore. (So I definitely need more than one item. xD lol)

And, like everyone else on the comm that's in the US, I have been visiting my local McDonalds. This is what I have so far:
Now, this isn't everything I've gotten that's new. I've also gotten quite a bit of Snivy merch. But I still have a few more things in the mail of Snivy. So my next collection update will be solely dedicated to Snivy. ;) I've really developed a love for the bitchy little grass snake<333
But here's a preview, since it isn't a solely Snivy item:
 This is my first zukan, and I LOVE it!!! Esspecially the fact that it's a diorama. It's so so so pretty<3
And finally, I will end with a picture of the box containing many of my figures (among some other things) now that my collection space has been taken apart: 

Hope you guys enjoyed looking at my collection!! I'd love to hear what you think of it so far(: 
And look forward to seeing my new shelves, and Snivy merch.

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