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collection time~ (Light'em up!)

Let their be light!!

So in this post of my collection i would like to show you guyz my pokemon lights~

yes they are lights and i've never ever...or so far have seen anybody have these in their pokemon collection or stuff. i got them wwwway back when pokemon was coming out like in 1999. my mom got them for me along with a big squirtle plush. do you guyz remember those too?

the whole set came with  pikachu, squirtle, charmander, evee, and meowth.

on the back of them it says
(c) 1999 nintendo
(c)1999 TM

that's all. where did i get them years go? i want to say Sears or Kohl's. i asked my mom and she said American sales. not sure but asking didn't hurt. if anyone wants to try and find more info on them, i'd love to know where they really were and if anybody could find them.

here's more photos~


thankz for lookin~  :3
Tags: charmander, meowth, pikachu, squirtle
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