safir_hime (safir_hime) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Guess what arrived...

Rainyan's GA! After much worry and stress it is finally here safe and divided up! =D

EDIT- many of the toys were in very loved shape (as Rainyan had mentioned) I took a magic eraser to them as best as I could but they aren't perfect =/

Here's the spreadsheet!

now those who haven't paid names' are in RED, or those who I need to sort something out with (not sure if payment was received. Need Rainyan to confirm)

The current payment is in the BLUE column.

A quick list of those we need payments from!!! (send those payments to lore_poke(@), (DO NOT SEND SHIPPING TO THIS EMAIL!) I have not totaled up your shipping payments yet so there is no confusion! Please include Rainyan's GA and your username in the Subject and Memo! Thanks!!)

pokepalace - (you have 28 Pokeballs claimed, I remember you were wondering about it.)
jeansama , , lucklessprince  shastina4ever , sleepypikachu 

Everyone else can send their final shipping payments to - orochimaru_27(@)
please include Rainyan's GA and your username in the SUBJECT and MEMO line

If you have any questions, ask first before sending XD
If you would like a box instead of an envelope or vice versa, be sure to talk it out with me! (All envelopes are padded unless you only ordered battrios in which case I believe they should be fine in a normal envelope. =] )

Now onto GA leftovers! Please clear ALL OF THESE OUT, I need them gone!! (Normal members- plush are 3$ each, everything else is 2$, GA members- plush are 2$ everything else is 1$)

Also, pokabubu got banned from the community and they had bought a totodile plush and squirtle plush from this GA, I'm looking to hopefully find someone to buy these to get the money to Rainyan. The total would be 10$ (7$ for totodile, 3$ for squirtle) ALSO, because pokabubu forfeited their items, devious_mel, you can choose which squirtle plush you want, or take the other for 3$, let me know, you have first dibs.

(chikorita just snuck in there...ignore her)

you can combine anything from my sales as well!

Now finally, a certain grail came to me today!!!

DX MAREEP! (she's without her pikachu, but now I almost have the complete set from this certain series. I have Pikachu and Hoppip as well. =D now I just need that pikachu that was attached to Mareep! (hopefully one with a tag)

My little kitty enjoys my happiness <3
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