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If you walk away walk away I'll walk away walk away, I will faallllooowwwwh

Where did Cilan, Little Flatz, and Baby Sucky and myself go last week?

I did four major things while in CA. Let's break it down, people. Four parts and an intensely image heavy post!

We begin with a trip to a collector's house, and Disney Television Animation Studios!

Myself, Cilan, Little Flatz and Baby Sucky went to visit slothyshroom at her house, where an incredibly sleep deprived self slept for 20 hours with just one break in between for some Cookie Crisp... god bless you, America!

Baby sucky found some electric types, reminding him of home.

Cilan found his favourite, grass types!

Flatz found some brown buddies.

No homesickness here bros.

It was very shocking to find sloths in slothyshroom's house. There was no hint that there would be sloths, at all.

She took us into work at Disney TV Animation. Look at all of these shows they make that I've never seen at all! I felt kinda lame.

Employees have their own Mickey statue at their cafeteria area. Spoiled.

Even cafeterias are all...Disneyish. Damn it Disney, you are too Disney!!

Back in the cubicle of oppression, the guys chilled out while I snuck around looking at super secret, secret undercover secret super confidential Disney TV show production artwork. You can see those photos if you close your eyes and wish upon a Disney star.

The next day, just for kicks, mamoswine and I thought waiting in a outdoor line for 14 hours in the hot burning boiling hot hot horrible sun would be super fun! But to what end?!

Horsies!! Horsies horsieshorsieshorsieshorsies horsies

Drawing Mienfoos from memory. Shut up, I know it's not right. Just shut up!

They just kept saying how wrong the Mienfoo were! I hate these guys!

We shut them up with this. Oooh aah, self portraits of beauty.

On this side of the line, were people more crazy than us.

And on this side, was people more lazy than us.

Snacks for VICTORY!!!!

We opened can badges and got two monkies. Yay for monkies. Not as cool as electric types, but these guys were happy.

We got inside. It was pretty obvious who came up with the idea for this thing.

Turns out waiting in line for 14 hours gets you THIS close to Bono. And he just kept coming closer! Cilan was overwhelmed!

Thanks Bono! But you suck at dancing. Really. Some things never change.

The next day (I really did not get a bit of rest after that 20 hour long nap, seriously), we visited a mysterious land full of crazy people and cartoon mice... hey, feels like my house!

You could make this Woody dance like a puppet, the buttons controlled his arms and legs. Making him dance like a crazy seizing maniac to the slow "You've got a friend in me" is possibly the funnest thing I've done in my life, ever.

Strangely at home with Toy Story stuff.

Bros. Hey bro. Bros. Dude. Don't ignore me dude.

Baby suckies in their natural habitat: painted underwater landscapes.

Get out, losers!

Sucky fell in love. I told him it'd never work out, she's got legs now and no fish parts. He was heartbroken and melancholy the rest of the trip, what an angst muffin. Get over it!

Flatz found some ottz. Check out these ottz!

We found Pokedolls....Disneydolls? Dizzydolls? Whatever. That baby simba is the ONLY toy I bought the entire trip to Disney. I an only a consumer whore for Pokemon, really.

Sigh. Big Thunder Mountain.

Baby sucky wonders if he will ever be a Big Thunder Sucky like mommy. Sigh.

Flatz just had a fun time without angsting in the middle of Disneyland. Thank you, Flatz.

Maybe I can levitate, says Sucky, but I will never fly like a duck. Sigh. Angst, etc.

Look, we found a Pennsylvania license plate! What the hell dudes, just take a PLANE!!! You cray-cray!!! (I am a PAin, I'm allowed to call them craycray)

Last but not least... how many PKMNcollectors can you fit at one meetup?!

so many posts of this meetup have been made already (here, and here, and here, etc), including full name lists!! so i'll just post a few pics of folks. we gathered, and soon some very familiar community faces began to appear, some of which were...




and this thing called... male? some kind of boy creature?

and your fearless leader, me. i'm the yellow one with red cheeks and beady eyes.

cilan says, "me too".

and even more and more members....

our mcdonald's haul! took us three mcdonald's to get all the ones we wanted. shhhhh.

more and more and more photos as more members joined us later!

Thanks for looking, guys.... and look forward to my next giant photopost full of amazing things (maybe.....) because we PKMNcollectors in japan are going to the WORLD HOBBY FAIR!!!!

Stay tuned!
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